Board sorting just got better.

What if you could collect data from every possible angle to inspect the quality of your boards – even without turning them over? Well, now you can. An integral part of the digital sawmill, RemaSawco’s flagship product for boardsorting, RS-BoardScannerQ, combines tracheid and vision techniques to discover even the most elusive defects – providing full traceability through the entire process.

See how better board sorting works!

Board sorting in short

Defect detection
Quality inspection
Cut optimization
Strength grading on green and dry boards
Full traceability


Here’s proof

With our solutions for board sorting, customers increase their yield by as much as 10%.


Board sorting features

Compact and modular

With camera sensors both and below the conveyor, there’s no need for turning the boards over. And because of the modular design, functions can be added when needed.

Camera techniques

Combining tracheid and vision techniques makes it possible to find defects which are otherwise hard to detect.

A user-friendly interface

A simple structure based on valid sorting rules makes it very easy to use – and multiple screens are supported.

Simple integration

The solution is easily integrated into your existing facility, without the need for any major redesigns.

Strength classification

A complete function for touchless strength classification can be installed as a plug-in.

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