Optimizing the entire sawline. Digitally.

Want more value from your logs? Need to maximize volume, or find the best quality according to specific requirements? RemaSawco can help you do just that – and more. From sophisticated optimizing systems to automatic log turning and measurement control, our solutions for the digital sawmill work in cooperation to control the sawline with ultimate precision – maximizing yield on a whole new level.

See how it works!

The sawline in short

Digital systems working together to control the entire sawline
Optimize for maximum value, volume, quality or other requirements
Automatic logturning with maximum precision
Measurement control ensuring the correct dimensions are sawn
Advanced monitoring to minimize yield losses

No more guessing

In the digital sawmill, guessing is a thing of the past. Because with accurate data, every step of the way, everything is traceable. And with all that knowledge right at your fingertips, you’ll be making better decisions faster – squeezing every little drop of value from each and every log.


Sawline features

Real-time log optimization

With RS-Opt, value or volume is optimized using a 3D model of the log.

Automatic log turning

RS-Z uses the 3D data to enable automatic logturning with maximum precision.

Measurement control

With laser precision – literally – RS-Con provides automatic measurements to maximize yield.

Report and follow-up

All production data is stored and can be accessed at any time.

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