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May 7, 2024
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April 15, 2024
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March 18, 2024
The Digital Sawmill

A complete eco-system of data collecting, yield-enhancing sawmill solutions.

With our high-tech solutions for optimizing the production process and making better decisions, all the way from log intake and sorting to board handling, you’ll increase your competitiveness right away.

The benefits you need.

Increase the yield.

Maximize yield with state-of-the-art X-Ray solutions – and more.

A reliable platform.

Technology based on open standards, so your sawmill can evolve over time.

World-class service.

Begin your digitalization journey with RemaSawco as your knowledge-sharing partner.

Unleash your potential.

The tools you need to unleash your sawmill’s potential – every step of the way.

Log Sorting
Board Sorting

How to maximize yield? Choose the right log.

Maximizing yield starts with better log sorting, and RemaSawco is here to help. We provide a complete solution for optimizing the entire log sorting process – from X-ray systems and 3D scanners to advanced optimization software. Add our real-time timber inventory and control systems, and it’s safe to say that log sorting has never been this easy. Or efficient.

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Log sorting products

Optimizing the entire sawline. Digitally.

Want more value from your logs? Need to maximize volume, or find the best quality according to specific requirements? RemaSawco can help you do just that – and more. From sophisticated optimizing systems to automatic log turning and measurement control, our solutions for the digital sawmill work in cooperation to control the sawline with ultimate precision – maximizing yield on a whole new level.

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Sawline Products

Board sorting just got better.

What if you could collect data from every possible angle to inspect the quality of your boards – even without turning them over? Well, now you can. An integral part of the digital sawmill, RemaSawco’s flagship product for boardsorting, RS-BoardScannerQ, combines tracheid and vision techniques to discover even the most elusive defects – providing full traceability through the entire process.

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System for boardsorting

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