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SLA - Service Level Agreement

How about a service and support agreement that not only takes care of what might break, but also
anticipates, prevents and fixes the failures before they even occur? In practice, it can make a huge
difference to operational reliability and potentially save a lot of money. SLA stands for Service Level
Agreement and is a significantly improved support experience for our customers. SLA is a solution that
can live up to the requirements and demands that our customers place on us as a supplier.

What is an SLA?

Our SLA can be signed at several different levels and it is you as a customer who choose which service level best suits you and your business. The agreement is both modular and scalable and gives you not only a smart solution with high reliability, but also full control over your costs, just as it should be.

An SLA is not only good for you as a customer. As a supplier, it is important to dimension resources and competence based on the actual need. This is normally a difficult task that becomes significantly easier if we can better plan and predict where, when and what type of support efforts will be needed. This helps us optimize our resources and thus keep costs down to the benefit of both parties, simply win- win.

What is included in an SLA from RemaSawco?

Simply put, you can say that an SLA contains things that make everyday life in the sawmill a little easier. The content of your particular SLA may differ from others, but below you will see some common examples.

An SLA provides varying degrees of access to (among other things) the following services:

Your choice

Our SLA is both modular and scalable. As the customer you choose the level and you can even choose different levels for different systems and/or part of your sawmill process. In the table below you can see how the offer is structured with the most important main contents, but please note that no details are shown here.

* Maximum time between first call and first connection to customer’s system.
** Maximum number of working hours before the trip starts for emergency service.
*** Applies to software that is version managed. At the time of writing, this applies to RS-BoardScannerX and RS-Opt.


Which systems can be included in an SLA?

Any system with the status ACTIVE or LIMITED can be part of an SLA. The current status of our systems is reported annually and can be found here. Contact us if you have any questions

Remote monitoring and maintenance

RemaSawco can monitor the operation and status of your system and its key components from our support center in Linköping. We can carry out testing, some maintenance/preventive maintenance and remote trouble shooting. We can even do some software updates remotely. This potentially saves both time and money and prevents both planned and unplanned production stops, which enables a very high system reliability. Our support agreement also offers support for back-up and disaster recovery.

Multiple products in an SLA provide benefits

If you choose to gather several products, sawmill process parts, entire sawmill or even an entire company group in the same support agreement, it has positive effects on how we can manage the support for your products. This means that our cost goes down and hence the price of your support contract also goes down. In other words; good for both parties.

Discount on spare parts

All our SLA customers receive a certain discount on spare parts. How much of a discount you get depends on the service level you choose for your SLA. If you sign a STANDARD or EXTENDED agreement, we even commit to a certain delivery time. Alltogether it helps you run a more stable and predictable operation.

Increased access to our phone support

Our normal opening hours for phone support are weekdays 07:00-17:00.

With an SLA at the STANDARD or EXTENDED level , you get access to  our extended opening hours as below:

06-22 on weekdays

08-17 on weekends (not public holidays)

We train your staff

An effective way to achieve higher operational reliability is through fewer and/or shorter production stops. The most efficient way to achieve this is to make sure your own staff on site is sufficiently trained in the systems to cope with the most common problems.

If you sign an SLA with RemaSawco, we train your staff to achieve this. It is a good and profitable investment for both parties and it quickly produces an effect.

Preventive Maintenance - An Important Part!

The agreement includes regular and planned service visits by a competent service technician, who in collaboration with our product specialists and developers will work with preventive maintenance of your systems in order to prevent errors before they occur. This preventive way of working enables us to avoid unnecessary system downtime. We also offer system overhaul with performance optimization measures to ensure that your system is as good and efficient as possible.

An SLA also includes tracking of the operating time of any wear and tear parts and an ongoing dialogue with you as a customer about a suitable replacement plan. This is not only a great advantage for our customers, but it also keeps our own costs down in the long run and thus creates an incentive model for the benefit of both parties.

Always the latest software version

All customers who sign an SLA at one of the levels S/W, STANDARD or EXTENDED always gets access to the latest version of our products’ software. This means that you can be sure to get the most out of your systems with all available functions.

Please note that this offer only applies to version-managed software. At the time, this includes RS-BoardScannerX and RS-Opt (for Log sorting and Saw line).

It is also possible to sign a separate SLA for software only.

Traceability and continuous learning optimize your process

When we sign an SLA with you, it also means that we start registering and logging everything that happens. We learn a little at a time and over time we will be able to use the history together to make new decisions in order to optimize your systems. You also get traceability on all actions we carry out.

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Do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a suitable support solution for your sawmill.


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