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RS-Opt Log sorting line

RS-Opt achieves maximum value from every log. The user-friendly application with a modern look and feel and a graphic user interface makes it easy for the operator to control production. Log optimisation is is a continuous process during production based on a 3D-model of the log created in the 3D log scanner. After passing the scanner, the optimisition program calculates the optimal value based on best economical value, maximum volume or other customer requirements. RS-Opt is also a good tool for simulation and planning of the production, taking all possible cut patterns in consideration.

RS-Opt gives:

  • Real time optimisation without limitations.
  • Optimal positioning data. Decides the best position for the log. Finds best log turning and side shifting option for every log and cant.
  • Simulation tool made for production planning.
  • Off-line optimisation.
  • Good tools for analysis of the results with flexible reporting selection criteria. Including data export to several external administrative systems.


Under given circumstances, the optimiser finds the best values for sweep sawing, log turning, side shifting and other parameters to make the best of the material in the current machine layout. To give the RS-Opt enough input, volume value of the wood, all rules apliccable and the limitations in the machine layout is given to the system. The optimising process then finds the combination of products and positioning that gives the highest value taking set rules into consideration. RS-Opt thus not only determines the best position for the log but also the best log turning for every log and cant.

Product definitions

Every optimisation and cut pattern result is based on the product definitions available. The products are created based on cut pattern position, species, economic value (price/m3), priorities, wan allowed, machine settings, etc. All data are entered into cutting programs to be used for customer requirements and/or species.

Simulation for planning and verification

The system is a perfect tool to plan the production. It can also be used for simulations off-line, where log by log or a set of logs can be subjected to simulated sawing. It is also possibe to test the outcome of scenarios with, for example, new positioning, products and sawing programs.


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