Log sorting

How to maximize yield? Choose the right log.

Maximizing yield starts with better log sorting, and RemaSawco is here to help. We provide a complete solution for optimizing the entire log sorting process – from X-ray systems and 3D scanners to advanced optimization software. Add our real-time timber inventory and control systems, and it’s safe to say that log sorting has never been this easy. Or efficient.

See how better log sorting works!

Logsorting in short

See the inner properties of the log
Optimize log sorting for maximum yield
Manage your log inventory in real-time
Control the entire process from the operator’s chair

Our Approach

Our customers get more from every log. Here’s proof.

With advanced log sorting capabilites, our customers increase yield by approximately 2%.


Log sorting features

See the inner qualities

Expose the inner properties, right through the heart wood – paving the way for greater sorting possibillities.

Measure the shape

Measure the exact shape of the log, including bark thickness and the diameter under the bark.

Maximize yield

Utilize the raw material in the best possible way, by sorting logs according to X-ray information, and to specific order requirements.

Reduce costs

Decrease production and inventory costs by sawing according to specific production orders.

Our products for log sorting