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RS-715 is a control system for log sorting and revenue sorting. The system is built around a network (Ethernet with a TCP/IP protocol) using PC and PLC technology. The operator interface is developed according to ®Microsoft Windows standard. The system is designed to simplify future expansion. The included industrial router makes it possible for RemaSawco to update software, check settings and troubleshoot the system. The connection is made with a high level of security via RemaSawco’s server and a VPN Tunnel.

The base system includes the following features and hardware:

  • Measurement rules with various limits for minimum and maximum values for logs.
  • Short number management for fast batch changes.
  • Functions for revenue scaling and log sorting.
  • Control Log handling
  • Automatic and manual reject sorting
  • Bin kickers with compensation for log diameter and conveyor speed.
  • Reports:
    • Batch Report
    • Length Distribution Report
    • Operation Reports
    • Event Report
    • Control Log Report
    • Production Stop Time Report
    • Inventory Report

Graphic presentation of reasons for stops/working time.

A number of additional products/functions are available to further enhance the system:

RS-FlexCon – Operator’s seat

The operator is carrying out the daily tasks via the operator’s seat containing a control panel for manual input and a touch panel displaying production data, alarms and messages, as well as revenue value according to VMF regulations.

RS-XEye – Log end view

A camera is located in an appropriate position before the evaluation area. The system takes a digital picture of the log end which is away from the operator. A monitor will then show the log end together with evaluated manual estimates and log data.

Production overview

Additional functionality for displaying production data, alarm and error messages, RS-XEye view, log data, basic HMI and surveillance cameras on a large monitor.

RS-Opt – Integrated log optimisation

The RS-Opt software is designed to optimise the volume and value yield of the logs. This includes full optimisation, the optimum log turning angle and side shift [fattas text här].

Machine control – The RS-715 system can be supplemented with any required I/O devices and application programs for machine control.

Log scanners compatible with the RS-715

  • RS-Log Scanner 9001, for one scaling direction.
  • RS-Log Scanner 9004, for two scaling directions.
  • RS-3D Log Scanner for 3D scanning.
  • RS-XRay Log Scanner for X-ray scanning
  • RS-XRay/3D Log Scanner, combining 3D-scanning and X-ray.

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The digital sawmill

RemaSawco’s goal is to have all products and systems interact seamlessly within the concept of The Digital Sawmill. This means that each component will not only perform its specific tasks, but also share its data with all other units. With this architecture, traceability and production supervision will be achieved, improving product value and efficiency for the end customer.
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